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how to become expert in portioned coffee… in 24 hours!

Dear partner,

we are delighted to introduce you to our new merchandiser project, and we thank you for giving us your attention.

Inserting a floor standing sales display unit full of capsules and pods of Italian espresso coffee in your shop, you will catch the eye of your customers to whom you will offer a service of quality adding more value and higher profits in a simple and fast way.

We have been working in the world of coffee for about 15 years. In 2007 we made one of the first e-commerce in Italy dedicated to portioned coffee (that’s why our company name is Click Café).

We manage a franchising network made of 40 shops placed all over Italy. During the past six years, our product’s variety has grown vastly with tea, herbal tea and infusions, Italian craftmade excellences, and gift ideas related to the world of coffee and tea.

To date, we are owners of the following registered brands: “Click Café”, “Tè dal mondo”, “Delizie D’Autore” and “Espressamente YOU”.

The project of the floor standing sales display unit of capsules and pods was born in June 2020 in order to provide a widespread distribution of coffee all over Italy offering a professional sale solution also to our future partners all over the world.

In this regard, we listed below all the benefits that, in our opinion, you might achieve by signing a partnership.

Partnership and Strategy

1 – We have created an attractive and very useful floor standing sales display; it can contain up to 25 different products that can satisfy almost the 85% of the Italian market demand. This can also be placed on foreign market.

2 – We select high-quality coffee in order to offer creamy and structured blends with more or less percentage of Arabica. In this way, we can develop different blends of coffee, from the creamy to the delicate one, in order to satisfy every customer taste. All our pods and capsules are produced in Campania respecting the Neapolitan craftmade processing and, in general, the southern Italian tradition of coffee that gives a perfect and tasty result as the Italian espresso is.

3 – We can always provide fresh products because our central warehouse works in a “just in time” perspective. We can ensure a constant availability of our products. Every day we restock our shops using about 1200 square meters where we store goods.

4 – The size of products have been designed in order to be easily proposed to a great number of pre-existing small businesses working in the food and beverage field. “Dolce gusto” capsules are packed in customized bags of 10pcs each; all other products are packed in customized box of 30pcs each. Size of product’s packaging is very important to get a competitive final price.

5 – As far as partnership is concerned, we propose two possible ways of cooperation, that can also be mixed, depending on the partner’s organization.

✓ The “Wholesale partnership” by which the wholesaler buys huge quantities and delivers display units and products to resellers on the territory. In this case there is a margin for both: the wholesaler and the resellers.

✓ The “Partnership with sales network”, by which the mother company of the sales network buys display units and coffee and resell products to his own stores. In this case there is one margin only for the mother company.

6 – We developed a general business plan, but we reserve to confirm it back on the basis of some additional information concerning the shipping country where products will be sold; for example coffee export duties and VAT rates applied to the products.

We provide below a list of technical and economic details and we remain at your disposal, hoping that our sale solution of real Italian espresso coffee captured your interest.

Sales Display Unit Data Sheet

In the draft of our business plan, we have considered the incidence of transport costs, using as a parameter the cost of a single pallet quoted by the Palletways Europe for Germany (1-5 zones). The shipping in zones from 6 onwards, might have higher costs instead the shipping of multiple pallets or the use of selected courier services can optimise those costs.
We don’t have any limitation when we want to make our partnership as attractive as possible so we can ship even small quantities keeping the same sale prices.

We are available to deal with the concept of exclusive reseller area, but this have to be based on a project of concrete commercial development.

We are provided of an internal marketing division that will support you for the realization of information and advertising material, useful to the commercial development of the sales display project. We are also available to support our partners abroad for the realization of websites and e-commerce that match country trends.

We have a huge variety of products, about one thousand, and we pack loose leaf of tea, herbal tea, and infusions in biodegradable and compostable filter. Moreover we are open to consider different products of your interest if not included yet in our assortment.
We already manage import and export cooperation and our team is joined by an experienced import-export manager, fluent in English, who will be able to develop our partnership.
We can make also graphical and functional changes depending on each market’s habit. In the European market, there is a significant presence of Dolce Gusto and Nespresso coffee machines so we can focus only on these two systems. The other three systems available in the display unit released in Italy are: Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Espresso Point (FAP) and ESE Pod realised in 44 mm filter paper. These systems can be also interesting on foreign markets although these are less known than the other ones.
We can also work in a Co-Branding perspective, indeed we can customize the top of the display (the crowner) including your corporate logo, even if for few pieces only.
Every capsule is packed in single-portion bag in protective atmosphere with nitrogen. This method ensures the freshness of the product up to 24 months. Dolce Gusto capsules are packed in ten pieces bags, as you can see in the pictures.
Every capsule is wrapped in a single film of different colours, depending on the blend of the coffee. The same colour is used for the external box that is extremely detailed with the description of the product in 5 different languages.
We provide you, in attachment, the “Street Price” list, so that you can confirm us that this price positioning is appropriate, as far as your market is concerned, for compatible pods and capsules of Italian quality espresso.
We do not want to compete with the lowest prices existing on market because we offer high quality products, not industrial ones. This concept is not easy to explain, but it belongs to the product’s working process.

We invite you to visit the website related to the sales display project for Italian market www.cornercialdecapsule.com, where you can examine in detail the sale solution and the products offered.

Talking about infusions, we are pleased to underline that we recently became producers of pyramidal biodegradable and compostable filters. We started up the new website www.infusipersonalizzati.com in which we propose to our customers the realization of infusions lines with their own brand, even in short-run.

We hope that our proposal meets your interest and your expectation so that it can become a commercial proposal in your Country.